Talents starts again !

Since its debut 20 years ago, the Business Division of the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin has been dedicated to supporting emerging brands and helping them grow.

Because French entrepreneurship in the creative sector has always been very dynamic, our heart-felt mission is to provide customized programs. Internationalisation, the explosion of digital technology, new consumer behaviours … there are so many challenges that require us to design tools and programs that perform better and are more future-oriented, but are still operational.

Talents is a perfect example. It features the effectiveness of collective efforts, collaboration between brands, and, thanks to our follow-up Committee, the industry’s goodwill. I’m very proud that this program was launched and even happier to see it develop with each session.

Talents’ success is also based on key participants: the coaches. These professionals, who are personally involved in helping our young entrepreneurs, are renowned in their fields and recognized for their performance and expertise. They share expert advice and market experience with our brands and put them in contact with their networks.

Every brand story is different, and it’s this singularity that the entire Talents team strives to cultivate. We know that this support process can only happen in an ecosystem that’s open, ever-evolving and based on sharing!

Now we’re launching the fourth cycle, but without neglecting the current one; those brands are working hard despite the quarantine and these very particular circumstances.

Talents is up and running, and we’re eager to discover the fourth cycle group!