The fashion of the future!

Rewiring fashion, the new normal, resiliency, frugal innovation … in two months fashion has gone through so many movements, revolutions, and reinventions.

The crisis our sector is experiencing is unique and, even though businesses are worried, they have never been so ready to fight.

Brands are already working hard reviewing everything that seemed a given and thinking about new ways of creating fashion – fashion that’s more creative, more inclusive, less standardised, and more ethical.

Based on all our conversations with fashion entrepreneurs, the takeaway is that today we must produce less and better, help customers relearn how to consume without seeing them as stereotypes, and recognize potential clients for who they really are. And entrepreneurs’ working methods must also integrate more consideration for the collective.

Since one of the Fédération’s missions is to assist and structure emerging brands so they can become tomorrow’s leaders, three years ago we created the Talents acceleration program.

We will be accepting applications for the fourth cycle until 22 June.

And in this same spirit, we’re delighted to announce that “La Nouvelle Vague”, our upcoming Fédération magazine to be published in September, will be dedicated to the new wave of fashion entrepreneurs.

Bring on the future of fashion!