Fashion is being transformed!

Fashion is always being transformed, it’s in its nature.

Spurred by the crisis, it has especially evolved in an accelerated and profound way in the past few months.

These changes affect all the players in our industry, no matter what type, market sector, or level of maturity.

And so we believed it would be useful to direct an analytic study involving all the industry’s professional organisations and players.

The resulting study dedicated to the “Nouveaux Modèles Economiques de la Mode” (download here – lien) identifies the dynamics that underlie the changes in our sector.

To make this happen we mobilised our networks, business managers, and the top-performing experts in our industry, asking them to share their keys to success with us. We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to them.

The results of this collective project show that there’s not just one winning model but a range of economic models with clearly identified strategies for success.

We also discovered that a certain number of overarching themes deserve attention from business leaders. But not in a uniform way, of course; it’s up to decision-makers to put their energy where they think it’s needed, in line with their market position, culture, and the situations specific to their businesses.

This study breaks new ground – with its breadth, impressive overview, and the highly operational solutions it gives readers.

We hope it will be useful in guiding your progress in the years to come.