Tomorrow's entrepreneurs

Talking about the future in troubled times is not off-topic.

While hundreds of MOD’SPE graduates are already working in fashion businesses, MOD’SPE teams are training and helping those who will work with you in the future.

With their youthful enthusiasm, these students are already demonstrating the effectiveness of theoretical learning combined with a work-study program (the best way for you to utilise  young colleagues who meet your needs). It’s a wonderful challenge to prepare these passionate young people by helping them acquire the flexibility to adapt to the challenges you know about or haven’t yet identified.

Fashion either follows or precedes social trends, and sometimes, like right now, it’s subject to local and worldwide economic mishaps.

There are no difficulties we haven’t overcome.  MOD’SPE constantly adjusts to  cope with economic conditions in a world that’s more ethical and sustainable, where local and global concerns have to interface and balance.

We’re facing the world head on. That’s the attitude we teach our students. That’s the attitude our businesses need.