Learning together

2020 will have left a deep mark on us, not just as people and a society, but also from an economic standpoint. Yet, despite so many negative consequences, should we forget all about it?

You showed an incredible ability to mobilise and respond to events, so now we think it’s crucial to draw lessons from this exceptional year to create 2021 and, beyond that, build a new future for our industry.

Our Fédération’s role is to assist you so we can invent this world together. So we’ll be ready to capitalize on all the new opportunities that can help you progress and transform your business. By doing so, you’ll prepare a prosperous, virtuous future.

The Fashion Ecosystem (Ecosystème de la Mode) is one of our big projects that receives support from DEFI. We’ll launch this in-depth overview of our sector in the beginning of the year.  The interactive database will be an inventory of all the structures that can help young entrepreneurs further their projects: financing, competitions, incubators, showrooms, training, and more.

We’re happy to announce that our PAD program (Plan d’Amplification Digitale) will carry forward into 2021. So we’ll be able to continue developing projects to accelerate brands’ digital transformation and especially help you increase export sales.

Young talents, get ready: The spring calendar includes a call for applications for BPIfrance’s  Mode & Luxe Accelerator, which benefits from Fédération support. And the 5th cycle of the Talents Program for emerging brands will also be accepting applications. 

Finally, to take our CSR commitment even further, we’ll build on the success of our first guide for responsible supply chains. Before summer, we’ll launch a new guide with keys for sourcing responsible materials. And at the end of the year, a third guide on responsible communication will be available.

We dare to remain confident, let’s keep on learning together!

Pierre-François Le Louët