Digitalisation – there's no longer a choice !

Our industry is evolving in an environment undergoing a transformation. Over the last 12 months, fashion brands have kicked off a digital revolution that has totally reshaped wholesale and B2C boundaries.

Though it’s not possible to replace physical experience, touch, or direct contact, we’re convinced that digitalisation can create a new customer experience, bring new closeness to that relationship, and give products a new desirability. 

Whether targeting retail or B2B, brands are coming up with a myriad of ideas to reinvent relationships and to surprise and win customers. Trade shows and showrooms are introducing new virtual initiatives and expanding their options (360° strategies with videos, live broadcasts, and more) to improve consumers’ perception of and desire for a product. 

Yet, during this shift from a physical to a digital world, the primary goal is the quality of the experience when customers and brands come together. For the journey to reach the final destination – a purchase – it must be fluid, positive, and enriching, from first contact all the way to after-sales service. 

Though digitalisation takes time and doesn’t seem very profitable at first, it will ultimately save precious time converting buyers. For B2B, new digital procedures are available for prospecting, meaning less time spent developing an export market. 

When physical contact is possible again, retailers will probably think differently about placing orders.

They’ll use digital systems to make their first selections, take advantage of the return to physical contact to judge the feel and drape of products, and rely on digital processes to place orders easily. 

In line with the commitment to provide assistance, in 2020 the Fédération Française du Prêt-à-Porter Féminin launched the Plan d’Amplification Digitale (PAD). The project’s first edition gave 76 brands solid support. 

This initiative, again with support from DEFI, will continue in 2021 with an increased financial aid package of €2,000 per brand. Contact us for more information. 

Digitalisation – there’s no longer a choice!

Anne-Laure Druguet – International Project Director