At last!

Edito de rentrée Pierre-François le Louët

The Mode in France Tokyo trade show kicked off the return of a new wholesale dynamic and, above all, it marked the end of a long dry spell for business meetings in France and around the world. After three days of intense meetings in the Japanese capital, the show, the first fashion event of our Market Week, has just closed its doors.

We’re delighted with this energetic return to business, and we’re not surprised. You told us about this need in our conversations and in the survey conducted in July. In that study, 82% of you said you would be enthusiastic about participating in a trade show in 2022. International development is one of your main goals: 76% expressed the need to expand in foreign markets, with a special focus on Europe (69%), the USA (also 69%), and Japan (63%).

Upcoming Mode in France events in Russia, the United States, Taiwan, and Shanghai are sure to have the same local success and will combine trend forecasts, networking, and business.

I look forward to seeing you soon at the Paris trade shows and showrooms, where organizers will create safe, interactive environments presenting inspired, confident brands.

For our Fédération and its members, the fall season promises to be full of events and creativity!

Our theme is women, and we pay homage to them in the new edition of the Fédération magazine. In all 120 pages we celebrate the female entrepreneurs who manage, orchestrate, decide, create, and make French fashion, each one in her own way. We met with them to learn about their experiences, get a behind-the-scenes look at their businesses, and understand their visions and ambitions. The magazine will initially be available at the Who’s Next trade show, which begins 3 September, and then in professional trade shows and showrooms as well as selected boutiques.

Women are also the stars of our 5th Talents program, which will begin in a few days. Salut Beauté, MoutyMartin, Ma Poésie, and Maison Lemoine are five brands directed or co-directed by women managers who give hope to the next generations and inspire them to look ahead and invest in the future.

At last!