Believe in France

Edito de rentrée Pierre-François le Louët

After two years of our models being completely upended, two years of rethinking how we work, and now anticipating a presidential election that will open up new perspectives for our country, I ask myself what unites us.

The answer that comes to mind is creativity: it gives meaning to our lives and our businesses.

What makes France unique on the world’s stage is the power of its creative industries. They embody an all-encompassing lifestyle based on freedom, beauty, intelligence, goodwill, and a desire to live in our country that is unequalled elsewhere in the world.

We are all the emissaries of these distinctive French qualities that the world admires. This singularity, which lets each one express their creativity in very different domains, is closely tied to our ability to welcome everyone who has something to say to further humanity’s most creative endeavours.

Despite being disrupted by waves of the virus, our brands are increasingly robust and desirable, since they knew how to seize and express this universal message of French creativity.

In under two years, the independent fashion brands we represent, defend, and support have made extensive changes to their business models. And by doing so, they’ve proven that innovation and respect for the planet and people are part of their identity alongside high-level expertise and loyalty to a legacy that’s as ancient as our culture, which is open to the world. Fashion in the 21st century is a synthesis of the future and the past while still expressing the intelligence of hand and mind.

Our business leaders are visionaries. They knew how to reassign roles within their companies, stay agile while experimenting, expand their horizons, and extend their brand conversation to now-gigantic communities to boost the strength of their worldwide message.

Buying a product today is a confirmation of our values, an allegiance to a manifesto, a claim to the power that unites us, and a declaration to the world of our pride and desire for creativity and humanity.

This is believing in France.

Happy New Year!