Faith in Europe

François Marie Grau DG

Since 1 January, France has held the Presidency of the European Union.

The Presidency’s programme includes: building a fully sovereign Europe; creating a new European model for growth; establishing a humane Europe.

A certain number of topics which are vital for business competitiveness are particularly relevant to fashion:

And there are many other subjects that concern us!

The French EU Presidency and the European Commissioners, especially Thierry Breton, are well aware that these issues are crucial for fashion. But there are member states and a range of players and special interests with often opposing ideas. This is why the Fédération, with help from MEDEF (The French Business Confederation), UFIMH (The French Union of Fashion and Clothing Industries) and its European counterpart Euratex (The European Apparel and Textile Confederation), is actively involved in these issues in order to defend French businesses.

Have faith in Europe!

François-Marie Grau