Ukraine : the Fédération expresses its solidarity

Russie Ukraine quelles mesures

The Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin would like to express its wholehearted support for the measures taken by the French government and the European Union concerning the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The Fédération also invites all French businesses to add their endorsement. 

This week’s opening of the Parisian fashion showrooms and salons should have signalled a return to almost-normal after several seasons affected by the COVID crisis. Unfortunately, the current violence in Eastern Europe now weighs on these business gatherings. 

The tragedy of war will have profound, long-lasting impacts on the business relationships between French companies and Ukraine and Russia. 

Throughout recent years, Russian and Ukrainian clients have shown a very strong attachment to French fashion brands, to those brands’ creativity, and to the values they embody: liberty, equality, and brotherhood. 

The Fédération and its president and teams deeply regret the human tragedy unfolding in Europe. They affirm their complete solidarity with the Fédération members touched by this crisis, especially those in Ukraine and their partners, and with the Ukrainian and Russian people, victims of political decisions beyond their control. 

We call upon French ready-to-wear brands to get involved with every initiative in support of the Ukrainian people, and we hope to see an end to the Ukrainian invasion as quickly as possible.