French fashion professionals cannot ignore the immense social and environmental issues that are part of the sector’s growth.

At the same time that responsible fashion is flourishing, the industry is striving to solve the dilemmas that everyone will soon confront: guaranteeing sustainable development in a sector with a workforce of over 60 million people worldwide that continues to consume more and more non-renewable resources; and getting long-term cooperation from consumers who are aware of the issues.

To answer these questions, the Fédération, working closely with the fashion ecosystem, presents tools to help French brands become responsible.

This year, the bluequest Agency has created a guide* on sustainable supply chains for the Fédération.

In 2017, Vigéo presented a study* that reviewed the situation and identified opportunities for fashion brands and corporate social responsibility.

* with support from DEFI

Contacts :

Adeline Dargent – General Delagate at Syndicat de Paris de la mode féminine