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The companies must be up to date with the payment of the Clothing Tax at the DEFI over the current year and the previous 4 years.

Companies will have to declare their total sales and their Warp and Weft sales on their Tax Payement Declaration Form to DEFI : 

– Companies whose warp and and weft portion will be less than 30% of their turnover will no longer be eligible for the subsidy 

– Companies whose warp and weft portion will be between 30 and 60% of their turnover will be able to obtain 50% of the planned subsidy

– Companies with a warp and weft portion greater than 60% of their turnover will be able to obtain 100% of the planned subsidy

Access to pre-registrations on the site of DEFI will be available mid-December. It is important for the proper management of DEFI budgets and the validation of your participation to register as soon as possible and to notify us in case of withdrawal.

WARNING, the DEFI will close the access to pre-registrations 8 days before the start of each show.

Deadline to submit your applications: 2 months maximum after the end of each show.

The online assessment questionnaire is mandatory to obtain your grant.

Rental costs and booth layout are eligible for the DEFI for a booth capped at 40 m² and 16,500€ maximum per lounge.

10 sessions maximum per year

How to pay the tax on clothing ? 
DEFI – Tax Collection Service, Nicolas LEDENT
Phone : +33 1 40 74 07 62 / Email :
Website :

For futher information 

Anne-Laure DRUGUET
Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin
+33 (0)6 47 16 31 25

Promas International
+33 (0)6 20 44 67 85 

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Which trade shows are subsidised in 2021?

Subsidised trade shows in 2021