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TALENTS is an acceleration program tailored to the needs of each brand.

TALENTS is also a community, a place of exchange and sharing.


The fourth Talents program is composed this year of : 

The program’s objectives are to : 

«Because one of the Federation’s missions is to accompany and structure emerging brands to make them the greats of tomorrow, we created the Talents accelerator program three years ago. I am very proud of the track record of the brands we have mentored since its launch and I am convinced that the new promotion will follow the most promising examples of their elders» explains Pierre-François Le Louët, Chairman of Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin

The 5 selected fashion brands will be accompanied by a team of coaches and experts from September 2020.

The program includes:

The program also includes two collective formats : masterclasses and communities which aim to strengthen links and mutual support between brands.
During the year, the brands will be presented to a monitoring committee composed of personalities from the sector in order to make a progress point and progress on their problems.

The Talents program, created and coordinated by the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin, receives support from DEFI.


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For further informations : entreprises@pretaporter.com ou 06 38 93 69 77 

« The Talents program allows young structures to benefit from a unique support for a year. We work with a team of experts who provide operational answers to the problems of these brands. »

Priscilla Jokhoo, Business Division Director of Fédération



The Business Coaches, a two-person team, are the program’s core advisors. One has experience as a general manager, the second as a financial director.

The duo’s objective is to help brands structure their activity in the following areas:

The Expert Coaches interact with brands to help them work on the specific challenges which have been identified.

The backup they provide involves expertise and operational solutions. Meetings with the Expert Coaches are scheduled in line with need and priority:

This year, our 4 brands will be acompagnied by


For over 30 years Anne-Laure Bourout-Oval has worked in the textile and fashion industry. After initial studies in business management, her first work experiences introduced her to the challenges of retail at Burton and to tracking investments at Takashimaya France, a Japanese department store subsidiary. She went on to become Financial Manager for the French subsidiary of Italian designer Romeo Gigli.

Inspired by her enthusiasm for travel and the entrepreneurial world, she next set up and supervised ateliers and oversaw the production of finished products and embroidery in India, Madagascar, and Turkey for French and Italian luxury houses.

After launching a creative, eco-friendly household linens brand in 2001, she held management positions for brands Dice Kayek, Barbara Rihl, and Jérôme Dreyfuss.

In 2011 Anne-Laure decided to set up her consulting firm @lbo management.

For the past eight years she has helped fashion and interior design brands such as Gaspard Yurkievich, la Prestic Ouiston, Bouchra Jarrar, Officine Generale, Jamini, Hugo Matha, Sarah Lavoine, and Yin Yiqing. Her client portfolio also includes other sectors such as music, new technologies, and communication.


Francis Varesano, 58, Graduate of Paris Dauphine University and INSEAD.

During his career : Expert in structuring, animation and retail development / wholesale of luxury companies, fashion and accessories 

After a first experience at Mazars, he spent 10 years in the Accor Group in financial and audit functions around the world.
In 2003, he joined the LVMH group where he took over the general management of the subsidiary Labrosse and Dupont.
He then joined Le Tanneur as Managing Director, in charge of the Distribution, Marketing and Development of the 3 brands of the Group : Le Tanneur, Soco and Air France by Le Tanneur. 

At the same time, it founds its advisory structure, LFR Consulting, carries out plenty of consulting assignments in commercial development, strategy and organization in the field of luxury and fashion retail and mandated by investment funds for the strategic evaluation of buyback projects.

In April 2015, he joined TARA JARMON as CEO.

He is an active member of the Fédération Française de Prêt-à-Porter since 2017, including within the Talents programme,  a programme for accelerating French fashion brands.

Francis leaves Tara Jarmon at the end of 2019 following the repurchase of the trademark.

The expert coaches

Talents Partners

Agence M/B

Branding advice, visual identity creation, AD.


Anne-Charlotte Auvray

Digital & E-commerce Expert 


Camille Andrieux – Know-How Consulting

Textile and Clothing Consulting Office. Intervenes on all stages of the development of a collection to production.


Ingrid Zafrani – Cabinet Hoffman

Commercial and Distribution Law, Intellectual Property


Olivia Sosnowicz

Business Management and Business Development


Sophie Dangueuger – Athena Fashion Consulting

Expertise in the Production, Purchasing & Product Development functions


Valérie Radenac – VR Fashion Luxury Expertise

Strategy Consulting – 360° product vision


Talents is backed up by a committee of industry professionals whose role is to track the development of the program’s five businesses.

The committee members, with their diverse and complementary viewpoints, draw upon their experience and networks to give brands the best possible advice and direction.

The Committee meets three times a year.

Pierre-François Le Louët – Chairman of Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin
Clarisse Reille – Managing Director, DEFI
Sophie Viot-Coster – Managing Director Au Dela Du Cuir
Alix Morabito – Fashion Editor, Galeries Lafayette
Pascal Conte Jodra – Managing Director, Mugler
Jean-René Bouton – Managing Director, Koché
Dan Arrouas – Vog
Sylvette Lepers – La Redoute
Sophie Templier – Consultant
Etienne Deroeux – Artistic Director
Guillaume Lambert – Managing Director, Aesther Ekme
Olivia Sosnowicz – Beyond Expectations Paris
Patricia Lerat – PLC Consulting – Expert, DEFI
Odile Baudelaire – OBFO – Expert, DEFI

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Talents Partners

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Picapics, an easy and top-of-the-range packaging solution to switch to ‘pro’ mode in e-commerce.

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