3 questions for Gaelle Drevet

The Frankie Shop founder reviews the keys to her label’s success: a clearly defined style, ecommerce, boutiques in New York...

  • What if fashion brands didn’t just make clothes?

    Among the flurry of environmental allegations and often-misleading practices based on pseudo-commitments, some certification boards, such as B Corp, have been on the right track for several years.

  • Mode In France International

    Mode In France – Our international actions

    Organized by the French Federation of Women's Ready-to-Wear, MODE IN FRANCE presents a selection of French brands of women's and men's ready-to-wear and accessories on the priority clothing markets.

  • Yann Rivoallan édito de rentrée

    For 2023, have faith in fashion

    Our businesses remain positive and forward thinking, even with war at Europe's doorstep. They're making progress with their digital transformation and bringing production back to Europe.


    Designed to orient you, guide you and inform you, this space refers to the solutions, devices and organizations whose mission is to support you in your business development.

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    La Sélection is a platform to discover and connect with French women's and unisex fashion brands for international buyers and industry professionals.

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    Franco-Swiss brand Avnier was created by OrelSan and Sébastian Strappazzon in 2014. Drawing inspiration from their work in music, cinema, and design, their goal is to create fashion that's useful, dependable, and long lasting.



    For 15 years ba&sh has been reinventing femininity. The brand is like a family – bighearted, welcoming, and ambitious – and over the years it has become a fashion industry reference and an expression of style à la française.



    Since 1979 Bensimon has used exceptional savoir-faire in mixing art and colour. Fashion is the core of the Bensimon lifestyle, though the brand is also renowned for home décor, design, and even books. Bensimon's iconic tennis shoes are part of the brand's success story, and this ever-timeless product is available in a range of colours.


    De Bonne Facture

    Déborah Sitbon Neuberg creates a wardrobe that brings back memories while still feeling up to date. The label boasts simple lines and quality materials that last.


    Gérard Darel

    Gerard Darel, founded in 1971, represents a genuine tradition of excellence in the choice of fabrics and skins, the attention to cuts' drape and fluidity, and the care given to quality finishing touches.


    Ines de la Fressange

    The Ines de la Fressange Paris label is an authentic Parisian fashion house. The brand has chosen to group every stage of its Paris-made goods under the creative direction of Ines de la Fressange, who is assisted by an in-house studio and workshop.



    No advertising, no collection calendars – all our energy and money goes into creating clothing that lasts. We compare our products to what’s on the market, we use laboratories to test their durability, and then we make improvements based on client returns, generation after generation.


    Maison Château Rouge

    Maison Château Rouge is a pop lifestyle brand that celebrates the 18th arrondissement neighbourhood in Paris that gave it its name. Inspired by African heritage, the brand symbolizes a meeting of different cultures.



    Patine invents the new fashion essentials: ready-to-wear all the time, for a long time, and made with the right ingredients and a dash of feel good.



    Established in 2008 by sisters Angélique and Domitille Brion, Soeur’s feminine wardrobe is for every age and style. The clothes are made to last, the colour palettes are divine, and the details are carefully thought out.


    Valentine Gauthier

    Valentine Gauthier launched her eponymous brand in 2007. Her collections are a mix of sophistication, tomboy charm, and workwear inspiration that come together to express a confident look.



    The Federation supports French fashion brands


    For more than 30 years, the Federation has developed specific support for emerging and creative brands. The Entrepreneurship department supports entrepreneurs through various actions.

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    Amplifying commercial relations in mature markets and identifying growth opportunities in high-potential countries are the objectives of the Federation, which assists some 400 companies with their exports every year.

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    The Federation's role is to promote the sector and increase its attractiveness. It organizes events, press conferences, seminars and forums, and ensures that they are publicized to the relevant audiences.

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    The Federation relays the interests of the companies it represents to the public authorities. It acts on a daily basis with all French and European authorities to ensure a legislative and regulatory environment favorable to the development of the sector.

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    In response to environmental and societal issues, the Federation, in close collaboration with the fashion ecosystem, proposes tools to enable French fashion brands to become more responsible.

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    Innovation & digital

    The French Federation of Women's Wear is setting up various support plans on digital and innovation in the form of grants, webinars, monitoring, etc.

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