The Federation

The Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin has the mission of bringing together and representing the sector’s businesses and accelerating their growth through innovative activities in France and internationally. With the benefit of a strong base of members representing diverse economic models and regions, the Fédération gives fashion business directors operational assistance with the industry’s main challenges, in particular adapting to the digital era, wholesale, brand financing, sustainable development, and export.

The fashion industry is undergoing a profound transformation, and new consumer behaviour is forcing businesses to reinvent their structures and rethink the entire fashion system. Thanks to its network and partners, the Fédération is at the centre of these new issues and helps French fashion maintain and expand its unique position in the world.

Members :
Andrea Crews, Anne Willi, Ateliers de la Maille, Atlein, AVOC, Bensimon, Carolina Ritzler, Coralie Marabelle, De Bonne Facture, De Rigueur, Des Petits Hauts, Derhy, Fête Impériale, FrenchTrotters, Gérard Darel, Inouïtoosh, Jérôme Dreyfuss, JOTT, Jour/Né, Karine Lecchi, Lab Dip, Lener Fabrique de Manteaux, Les Expatriés, Ly Adams, Maison Château Rouge, Maison Kitsuné, Maison Standards, Mât de Misaine, Mazarine, Molli, Le Mont Saint Michel, Pallas, Prêt pour Partir, Proêmes de Paris, Skin Valley, Sœur, Sprung Frères, U.N.X, Weill, Yves Salomon, Zyga Lin’n Laundry …

It is chaired by
Pierre-François Le Louët

4 expertises

  • Business
  • Communication
  • International
  • Lobbying


The Fédération offers fashion brand directors help in defining strategies to structure their businesses and finance their growth.

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Business Division Director

Priscilla Jokhoo

Business Division Project Manager

Benoit Gros


The Fédération’s role is to promote the sector and increase its appeal. It organises events, press conferences, seminars, and forums, and publicizes them to the right audiences.

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Communication Director

Mathias Déon

Communication Project Manager

Marine Iannarella


Increase business relationships in mature markets and identify growth opportunities in countries with strong growth potential – these are the Fédération’s objectives. Around 400 business get help every year with their export projects.

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Project Director

Anne-Laure Druguet

Project Director

Herve Huchet


The Fédération is an advocate with public authorities for the interests of the businesses it represents. As an agent for reflection, propositions, and initiatives, especially concerning innovation, sustainable development, and education, the Fédération is in constant contact with all French and European institutions to assure the sector has a pro-growth legislative and regulatory environment.

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Managing Director

François-Marie Grau